Hiking walks in Lefkada – Part 3

We continue our walking excursion at Lefkada, with the book «Lefkada on foot» by Lida Out.

Lazarata – Kavalos – Melissa Gorge – Spanochori – Lazarata
(3½ hrs) 12 km

This walk starts from the village square in Lazarata (LKM1). Cross the road at the kiosk and go more or less straight ahead. This road takes you to Spanochori. Follow the main road until you reach the village. After just over 5 minutes from the square turn left onto the paved track going uphill. Via the steps you reach the top after a few minutes (LKM1A). At the top you turn left. On your right hand side you see the remains of the old olive oil factory dating from 1871 (see stone tablet).

After 1 minute you reach a fork in the road where you turn onto the concrete road going uphill to the right. A little further on, this concrete road descends steeply to the right and turns into a track which further down becomes a tarmac road. Ignore any side roads until after 15 minutes from the top of the steps you reach a crossroads at the church and cemetery of Kavalos (LKM2).

Here you go straight on and at the fork keep following the small tarmac road turning to the left. You reach a crossroads (with 5 roads) at a group of houses in the village, where you take the second paved road to the left, it is more or less straight on. You follow the road through the village past some old houses. Take the road to the left at the crossroads with the big tree, following the ‘main’ road until you get to the little square.
Of course, this square houses a few cafes, but they are not always open. On Sundays, before noon, you can try the mezedes (grilled meat) here. At the square you turn right towards the cast iron bell tower. Follow the road leaving the village.

On your left hand side you have a lovely view over to the village of Asprogerakata. Outside the village, where the road forks past a yellow house (built 1956), you go up the track to the right. At the next fork you keep right and past the shrine of the house with the blue gate (villa Milos), you take the fork descending to the left. After 5 minutes you turn right onto the tarmac road to Apolpena. Here you can see the sea on both sides.

At the crossroads by the concrete building (TS5) you turn onto the ascending road to the left of this building. After 6 minutes you turn right onto the graveled track (TS6). Another 8 minutes of walking brings you to a fork in the track where you keep to the concrete track to the right. Ignore side tracks until the next fork – after 4 minutes – where you keep to the right again. After 3 minutes you get to a T-junction. Turn right here and ignore side tracks. You pass a stable on the right. The track descends onto the tarmac road from Kavalos to Apolpena after about 10 minutes (TS4).
(continues in the book)