Human Design: 2 hours experimental workshop

Human Design is a science of differentiation, it allows us to know and experience ourselves as one-of-a-kind individuals, based on our genetic uniqueness, and not on the ideas of how we must be.

It is possible to talk about this phenomenal system forever, but it’s much more fruitful to be practical about it!

This workshop will be a journey with several parts. 

In the beginning we will look at our charts, and understand the foundations. We will choose a topic we want to focus on. And then we will do actual exercises that will allow us to have a physical experience in the body. We will finish with the Energy Centers meditation, accompanied by the traditional Zen flute.

The workshop will be facilitated by International Human Design School teacher, analyst and guide, Julia Krakova. She works with the system for a decade, and offers Readings, courses and couching sessions worldwide in multiple disciplines in the context of HD.

Where: Alnona – the sustainable living and learning project. Above Evgiros Village, Lefkada. 40€.

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