Multi-instrumental concert (1/8), & Tantric initiation workshop (2/8) by Alnona Greece

Ocean of Sound

Pepe Danza (Uruguay, Slovakia) – is well known as a virtuoso multiinstrumentalist, who has shared the stage with today’s most popular World Music artists.

Pepe specializes in the Afro Latin drumming tradition and the Japanese Shakuhachi flute, as well as delves into the soundhealing.

Pepe will create the Ocean of Sound combining instruments from different cultures and everyone, even those who have never heard them before, will be able to dive deeply into its waters! 

Accompanied by his music, the meditative dance will release the tension in us and take us to a true state of joy, peace and Zen harmony.

“I have had the honor of being nominated for countless awards in Canada as a performer, recording artist and composer for theatre, dance and documentaries. I live from a deep belief and experience that music is a powerful transformative force and that Humanity and our precious planet Earth are ready to shift to a higher frequency. I believe that music plays an important role in this shift, and I am here to serve this work in whatever way and wherever I am called.” Pepe Danza

The space will be open from 17.00, where you can tune in, connect with the place, other listeners, enjoy tea and hugs.

Tantric initiation

Tantra is connection to Life. Its an ancient teaching that opens doors for the perception of the Self and others in the most profound level.

You will be initiated into the classic Tantric frequency through practical exercise, both individually and collectively, supported by the live magical sounds of Shakuhachi Zen Meditation Flute.

This is an invitation to be a part of the space where you can get a taste of alignment of Body, Heart and Mind.

The Initiation will be facilitated by Pepe Danza & Julia Krakova. Pepe lived and practiced classic tantra in Tibetan, Daoist and Hindu monasteries since the 70’s, he transmits a classic tantric approach.

NO getting naked, NO sexual energy!

Come sober, leave high with your own activated tantric flow!