Escape to stunning Greek island that is a beach

by Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi

Lefkada is a popular holiday destination, known for its beaches, Porto Katsiki and Egremni and others. However, Agios Nikolaos, is a breathtaking island at the entrance of Lefkada that you don’t want to miss.

The “island of Sikelianos” or Agios Nikolaos, is in its entirety, a beach.

The only structure you will find on Agios Nikolaos is a chapel of the same name. Every first Sunday after May 10th the church celebrates the passage of the Holy Trinity of Agios Nikolaos from Lefkada in 1087.

The island presents a narrow strip of sand with turquoise waters lapping the shores on each side of the beach.

Many people flock to Lefakada each year to participate in various water sports. Wouldn’t it be a great detour to check out Agios Nikolaos and chill out at the beach?

Check out the video below: