The ultimate Song Map uses over 500 song titles to rename boring city streets

By Jessica Stewart

Music lovers are in for a treat with an updated version of one of our favorite maps. We first brought you Dorothy‘s Song Map back in 2012, and now they’ve updated the classic, adding over 150 songs to the imaginary map loosely based on London. The updated Song Map is now composed of over 500 songs, each cleverly selected to take you down every “Long and Winding Road.”

So what’s new with this innovative map? From classics like the 1957 Fats Domino hit “Blueberry Hill” to more contemporary tunes like Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” each street, highway, park, and landmark has been updated with a clever name. And as you gaze around the map, there’s inevitably a song that will bring out a cherished memory or draw up feelings of nostalgia.

It’s incredible to see how Dorothy’s original idea has evolved over time, sparking other interesting maps and data visualizations based on movie titles and much more. And to think, it was the original Song Map that launched it all. “It was the first ever print we designed way back in 2012,”  Dorothy shares with My Modern Met. “You were one of the first journalists to cover it on My Modern Met and it got a crazy response—which was responsible for making us think that maybe it wasn’t such a stupid idea to try and make a living out of selling our own designs, so we owe you a big THANKS for helping us keep the faith in the early days.”

As always, Dorothy has included a helpful A-Z key that spells out the musicians behind each song, in case you get stumped. You can order your printed version of the new Song Mapvia their website for £25, and if you want a full audio and visual experience, subscribe to their Spotify playlist, which includes over 350 songs from the map.

UK-based design firm Dorothy has updated their hit Song Map, which now includes over 500 hits spread out across a fictional map.

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