5 reasons why the beach is the best place to read

Beach days are here!

I am beyond excited to kick summer off soon. Hot days, long afternoons, and late nights with friends. Not to mention all the parties, barbecues, and, of course, beach days. One of my absolute favorite places to go during the summer (or anytime of year) is the beach. The sun is warm, the waves crash all day, and everything smells like suntan lotion. It is bliss on a stick.

However, sometimes laying in the sun and dipping your toes in the water isn’t the most thrilling thing. Which is why I always have music and a book on hand. But the book is definitely a must. I can’t spend a whole day lying down without breezing through the book I’m in the middle of. I’d easily say the beach is my favorite place to read. And I’ve got five reasons why it should be yours too.

1.  There are no distractions from home


When you’re at the beach, all you’ve really got is a towel, some food, sunscreen, and the bathing suit on your body. And yes, your book is there too. But the best part is that you don’t have any distractions. The beach is usually far for most folks so you can’t just get up and go watch TV or fiddle around the house. Cellphones can struggle for signals too at times. You get there early and you stay there until the late afternoon. You may as well be productive and keep reading as you roast in the sun.

2. You basically have the perfect background noise for reading


At the beach, I’d totally be reading if I wasn’t falling asleep from the heat and sounds of the ocean. There’s something so relaxing and soothing about the soft crashing of waves in the distance. Of course you may hear some music and laughter, but the sound of the breeze and the ebb and flow of the sea is pure bliss to help you concentrate. But seriously, try not to fall asleep.

3.  A break from your book is always a treat


If your eyes are starting to cross and you can’t take another chapter, then it’s time to put the book down and enjoy your view. Sunbath some more, deep yout feet in the water, play football (if you feel like doing that), go for a nice walk, or just people watch. My favorite! Whatever you choose your options are right there at your fingertips. Taking a reading break can be just as good as the reading.

4. The setting is simply everything


For some reason, being where the land meets the sky and sea sets a deeper yet laid-back tone to everything. Whatever book you’re reading it’ll probably hit you a little deeper just being by the water. Things seem to slow down when you’re at the beach, no one is in a rush, nobody’s fussing with what needs to be done. Everyone is simply enjoying themselves and you will be too.

5. There are no rules!


That’s the best part about the beach. Read all day or sleep. Eat three ice cream cones or don’t. Stay for as long as you want and relax how you want to relax. Who says you need any structure while you’re there? Beach, please.

Featured Image Via VidMid