Book presentation of an important edition: «Τhe ingenious antiseismic building construction on the island of Lefkas»

The Cultural Center of the Municipality of Lefkada in collaboration with the Fagottobooks publications are pleased to invite you to the presentation of the book ”Τhe ingenious antiseismic building construction on the island of Lefkas” by Chara Giannopoulou Papadatou, which will take place at Angelos Sikelianos Open-Air Theatre on Sunday, September 5 at 19.30.

The book will be presented by:

The writer, Chara Giannopoulou Papadatou, Architect
Spyros Lazaris, Architect & member of the supervisory team of the restoration of the Zampelis House
Discussion Director: Nikos Thermos, Publisher

After the presentations, a discussion with the participants will follow.

Entrance to the event is free.

About the book

In 1300, the total destruction of the ancient capital of the island of Lefkas forces the residents to relocate and live in and around the Fortress, an area with formidable environmental problems, in combination with the numerous and strong earthquakes.

The question raised is how these people, through infinite difficulties, managed not only to survive but also to develop a unique building construction in order to face the most crucial problem: earthquakes. How were they capable, through total destruction, equipped with willpower, stone, wood, primitive construction tradition as well as their ingenuity, to create? The subject of this book is the answer to this complicated question which has triggered the interest of the scientific community, even outside Greece.

This is a very important publication as far as the cultural tradition of Lefkada is concerned, because it shows in a simple yet comprehensive way, why this particular architecture was developed only in Lefkada.

Please note that this specific publication will complement the dossier that will be submitted to the European Commission so that this particular architecture will be included in Europe’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

*In case of rain, the presentation will take place in the Cultural Center Hall.