Ionian Islands to get water ambulances with ESPA funding

CORFU. The Deputy Regional Governor for Social Welfare, Public Health and Employmeny Kostas Zorbas met with the Ambulance Service (EKAB) President Nikos Papaefstathiou on Tuesday 24 June.

They discussed the measures being taken by the Ionian Islands Region to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the collaboration on public health between all relevant bodies ahead of the tourist season.

The Ionian Islands is in the process of acquiring 5 ambulances (2 in Corfu and 1 in each of Cephalonia, Zakynthos and Lefkada) along with 4 mobile units – 1 for each of the aforementioned islands. The total budget is 737,800 Euros which is being funded by the Regional Administration through the Business Programme ‘Ionian Islands 2014-2020’.

The acquisition of two water ambulances was also discussed, for which the budget is 500,000 Euros, which is being completely funded by the Region via the ESPA Programme. These will provide improved health and safety measures, especially for the smaller Ionian islands.

«The reinforcement of the fleet of ambulances is an absolute necessity,» said Mr. Zorbas. «The Ionian Islands Regional Administration will be funding these significant projects to provide greater health and safety measures for residents and visitors.»

Mr. Papaefstathiou updated Mr. Zorbas on the latest developments in creating a decentralised ambulance station in Lefkimmi to cover the needs of South Corfu.

The Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure and Technical Works Manolis Orphanoudakis in turn updated the Ambulance Service President on the progress of repair works on the ambulance station in Corfu Town which the Regional Administration is carrying out with a budget of 40,000 Euros.


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