3 years, forty countries, one man

by​ Klaudia Chodoła

Have you ever dreamt about giving up everything and taking a trip around the world? Wladyslaw Labuda proves that this is possible and many of us can do that, even if we are out of money. In fact, our traveller didn’t pay for an accommodation. It was his challenge.

To fulfill his dream of a big expedition he had to take the risk and leave his nice and stable life. He gave up a secure job at the Institute of the Polish Government, ended his relationship, and left his own company. He does not only not regret it, but he actually believes it was the best decision in his life.

It’s really impressive that he beat 40 thousands of miles in 974 days.

Of course it wasn’t just a holiday time. During the trip, he was a volunteer in SurfCamp in Peru, in yoga centre in Honduras, he worked as a bartender in one of the Caribbean clubs, helped out with kids in Belize, collected coffee and assisted at monkey rehabilitation center in Costa Rica.

And this is just a few selected activities that he took. As we can see, he is not afraid of any job.

“Sometimes I cleaned up the toilets, one day I worked on the farm, another day at the reception. Later, I started to use my passion – I was filming movies and I suggested that it’s in exchange for food and bed.” he says. Once in a while he got something extra from his hosts.

One time he made a film for a Peruvian travel agency and in return he received a free travel, accommodation and festival tickets. Furthermore, although his work usually was volunteering, several times the people rewarded his effort with money. Once he even got from his employers two thousand dollars ‘for a good fun’.

What did he spend most money on? If not these, his trip would have cost him nothing! For the airplanes (going around the world without it is impossible…) and parties- as he admits.

His story sounds like a dream. What about complications? From time to time it was really difficult to leave one place and continue his journey. On the road he met amazing people and discovered wonderful places which tempted him to stay there forever, not just for a while.

For example party at the Guatemalan hostel was so good that it was really difficult to leave it and go on. After a month he had to flee in fear of the damaging influence of the cheerful company and the crazy parties. Also in Canada he spent 3 months instead of 14 days.

He doesn’t want to keep his travel just for him. He wrote a book „How to travel without money”, held more than 100 conferences and made over 100 videos.

During the trip Wladek asked nine questions to the most interesting people. Among other things, he asked what they considered as their greatest success in the life, what they believed and what they would do in the future.

The answer was recorded and the documentary won the prize funded by the Museum of Emigration.

Currently he is working together with other travellers on the special guide, now unofficially named as a backpackers bible. The travellers constantly look for and test on their own skin several methods of how to travel for free and make some money during the journey. They already have dozens of solutions.

You will read how to hitchhike online. Do you prefer flights? The book will tell you how to cooperate with airlines. What’s more? You will also find info how to find a place on the boat and a free accomodation, of course the most popular is CouchSurfing but there exist also other options, which you will find in his book, both for a short-term as well as for a longer time.

Labuda is a really creative person, he shows us how to follow the dreams without any excuses, even money may not be a big deal.

He set off in September for another trip. The purpose of the trip is to make a one million pln for charitable purposes.

Wladek also plans to go in tournée with his book through US and Canada and organizes special meetings with students. He wants to share his knowledge and an experience in many ways.

After Labuda plans to go to South America. New adventures awaits him.

More info: howtotravelwithoutmoney.com