12 stunning works of art made from LEGO bricks
By Chris Higgins

In “The Art of the Brick,” now open in Portland, Oregon, artist Nathan Sawaya builds masterpieces.

From February 18 through May 29, The Art of the Brick is on display at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland. The exhibit includes loads of LEGO brick artwork by Nathan Sawaya, along with a Brick Lab for visitors to try their hand with LEGO and DUPLO bricks.

1. Circle torso, square torso, triangle torso

 Piece counts: 10,305, 9957, and 9147, respectively.

2. Yellow (Front)

 Sawaya’s best-known piece, featuring 11,014 bricks. Sawaya writes that kids like it “probably because yellow guts spilling onto the floor looks cool.”

3. Yellow (Back)

 The piece looks just as impressive from behind. Sawaya writes, “For me, this piece is about the metamorphosis I have been through on my journeys.”

4. Red umbrella

 Featuring 4628 bricks, this hangs above the gallery on wires.

5. Artist’s studio

 This artist’s setting in the corner of a gallery room looks ordinary from a distance, but is shocking up close. Everything you see here is made from LEGO bricks. The drawers on the right and even the floor are all bricks!

6. Peace symbol

 The piece used 3720 bricks. Sawaya writes, “What does it take to create Peace? All the colors in the world working together, of course!”

7. Hands

Sawaya writes, “This piece is literally my nightmare.” Uses more than 15,000 bricks.

8. Green man Sitting

This green figure sits by an open chair. A banner above encourages visitors to sit in the empty chair and share their photographs online.