These 16 Tricks Are Ancient, But What Ingenious Ideas People Had Back Then!

In 1910, Gallaher Ltd. Tobacco Company published 100 cards with life hacks under the title How to Do It. Who could’ve known that more than a hundred years later they would still be useful?

How to revive cut flowers

To rejuvenate wilted flowers, put them into hot water. By the time it’s cooled, the blooms will have revived. Then just cut off the stems, and place the flowers into cold water.

How to wash bottles

Wash the inside of a bottle by filling it with water and some sand and shaking vigorously.

How to get rid of ink stains on a handkerchief

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to blot your handkerchief with ink, plunge it into milk at once. After some time, the stains will come off.

How to detect humidity in the bed

To find out if your bed is damp, put a small mirror between the sheets. If it is clouded after a few minutes, even a little, you’d better not sleep in this bed.

How to stop a runaway horse

Don’t rush ahead — stay at a safe distance, and grip the nearest shaft. Then grab the reins, and stop the horse with your free hand. And don’t be too loud as it will frighten the horse.

How to boil cracked eggs

To boil a cracked raw egg without spilling its insides, just add some vinegar to the water.

How to test butter

The picture shows it all: rub a little butter on a piece of paper, and set it on fire. Pure butter smells delicate, while margarine will give off an unpleasant tallowy odor.

How to take out a splinter or a shard of glass

Fill a small bottle with hot water, and press the splintered area to its neck. The cooling water will suck in your skin, and soon you’ll be able to extract the splinter easily.

How to treat sprains

Hold the sprained joint up, and wrap it in a cold wet cloth, always keeping it moist as shown in the picture. An application of olive oil or liniment will also help.

How to carry a heavy jug

The correct way to carry a jug is on the right — you won’t let the weight pull it down and spill on the floor.

How to separate stuck glasses

The best way to separate two glasses stuck in each other is to fill the upper one with cold water and plunge the lower one into warm water. They’ll get unstuck at once.

How to light a match in the wind

Make a few nicks on the match, as shown in the picture. When you light the head, the splinters will catch at once.

A hint when boiling potatoes

To make potatoes dry and floury when boiling, add some sugar as well as salt. When it’s ready, pour out the water and put the pan over the heat again, all the while shaking it to make the potatoes equally dry.

How to cut fresh bread

Plunge the knife into scalding hot water for 10-15 seconds, and then cut the bread in a slow motion.

How to preserve valuable vases

Partly fill the vases with sand. This will keep them firmly on their base, acting as a weight. This is especially useful for vases with small bases.

How to keep eggs fresh

To store eggs for a long time, place them into salt and then put the container in a dry place.