6 cant-miss things to do in Lefkada this month

The weather calls for outside adventures, so wear a pair of comfortable shoes and explore Lefkada!

1. Spend a day at the beach

Lefkada is famous for its spectacular white sand beaches that are considered the best in the Mediterranean sea, and that means they can get mighty crowded during July and August. This period of time is ideal for a beat-the-crowds break. Porto Katsiki, Egkremnoi and Kathisma are all yours! Soak up the sun and feel the sand between your toes.

2. Explore Lefkada’s landscape by bike

If you are into adrenaline adventure, hop on your bike and explore Lefkada’s natural wonders.
Lefkada’s lagoon is a bike paradise· on your bike you will pass the Castle of Agia Mavra, Gyra and Agios Ioannis beach. One of the amazing areas you can explore while on your bike is the so called Venetian olive grove. You set out from the city of Lefkada, pass through Kouzounteli and the Venetian olive grove and terminate at the Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni.

3. Enjoy a visit to the waterfalls of Dimossari

Just a short, scenic drive from Nydri, hidden amid pristine wild woods, are the waterfalls of Dimossari. The landscape here is amazing, so find a secluded spot to enjoy the mesmerizing view.

4. Drink a coffee

Coffee time is an integral part of Greek culture, it’s not just a habit but a kind of daily ritual. This is not about the coffee per se but it has to do with the joy of gathering with friends and family.

How to order a greek coffee in greek:
Thelo enan elliniko (I want a greek coffee)
Sketo: plain, (no sugar at all),
metrio: medium (one teaspoon of sugar),
glyko: sweet (two spoons of sugar),
vary glyko: sweet and strong (two spoons of coffee and two spoons of sugar)

A very popular cold coffee drink is frappes (instant coffee, milk and ice). Apart from frappe you can also taste freddo espresso (iced espresso) or freddo cappuccino (iced espresso, topped with frothy cold milk).


5. Visit the Castle of Agia Mavra

The Castle of Agia Mavra has been standing on the entrance of Lefkada island since the 1300s. It is a model of fortification architecture of the Middle Ages, with a central core in the shape of an irregular heptagon reinforced at its 7 corners with bastions and 3 external ramparts. Nature is at its busiest this period of time, and during May and June the Castle of Agia Mavra is blanketed in flowers, so remember to bring your camera with you.

6. A picnic date

Lefkada is an amazing place for romance to bloom, so what about a picnic in the beach?
Step one choose the beach
Step two bring a basket with delicacies and a bottle of wine
Step three enjoy the sea, enjoy the sun