Events of the week in Lefkada

Summer always brings a fresh air of cultural events in Lefkada and the surrounding areas. Here you have some suggestions. Do not miss our update on the cultural agenda for next week.

Music concert by the ASON woodwind quintet 
When: Wednesday, 26 July
Where: Ai Giannis Square (behind the main square of Lefkada)
Time: 21.30

Children’s play: Aliki sti chora ton psarion 
by ‘Metheksis’
When: Wednesday, 26 July
Where: Open Theater
Time: 21.00

Theatrical Play: Daddy don’t ever die on a Friday 

(black comedy)
When: Thursday, 27 July
Where: Open Theater
Time: 21.00

Music Concert: Songs by Mikis Theodorakis

Sung by Sofia Manousaki and the Lefkadian choir of »Orfeas»
Piano: Stefanos Korkolis
When: Saturday, 29 July
Where: Open Theater
Time: 21.00

More: The relationship that has developed over the last two years between the composer and the internationally-fêted pianist, plus a key phrase in a letter written by the former describing the latter as “the perfect performer of and ambassador for my music to the Greek and international audience”, filled Stefanos Korkolis with a powerful desire to hit the studio and start recording works by Mikis Theodorakis with Sofia Manousaki, a young singer the composer has described as a ‘revelation’.

At the same time, songs from the list of Mikis Theodorakis’ ‘betrayed’ works from 1980-2000 are to be performed again for the first time in Greece. The works are presented simply for piano and voice, highlighting the great Greek composer’s magnificent melodies.

Theatrical Play: Seven against Thebes (Hepta epi Thebas) 
by the National Theatre of Northen Greece
When: Sunday, 30 July
Where: Open Theater
Time: 21.15

The conflict between the two sons of Oedipus is the theme of “Seven Against Thebes”. After his appalling actions were revealed to him, Oedipus left the throne to his two sons, Eteocles and Polynices. The two agreed to rule Thebes alternately. However, when the time came for Polynices to take reign, Eteocles did not keep his promise. This provoked the wrath of Polynices, who allied with the king of Argos Adrastus and organized a military campaign against Thebes. Seven leaders of each of the two rival armies lined up on either side of the seven gates of Thebes. Eteocles and Polynices faced one another in front of the seventh gate. A uniquely energetic, poetic, political tragedy by Aeschylus, directed by the internationally renowned Lithuanian director Cezaris Graužinis and translated by the leading Greek poet Yorgos Blanas.
Yannis Stankoglou will perform the role of Eteocles. Along Kleio-Danai Othonaiou (Antigone), Iovi Fragatou (Ismene), Giorgos Kafkas (Messenger), Alexandros Tsakiris (Herald), Giorgos Papandreou (Polynices) and 14 young actors as the chorus.

Music Concert: Dimitra Galani
organized by the basketball team ‘Niki’
When: Monday, 31 July
Where: Open Theater
Time: 21.15

Festival of Agia Paraskevi

When: Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 July
Where: Platystoma

Festival of Agios Panteleimonas
When: Thursday, 27 July
Where: Karyotes village

Wine Festival
When: Saturday, 29 July
Where: Pigadisanoi village

Festival concerning the viability and sustainability of Lefkada
organized by ‘Figos’
When: Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July
Time: 19.30
Where: Alexandros Village

Lefkada: the bicycle city by Kate Matafia Chorti
Artistic intervention
When: 18 July – 23 August
Where: Lagoon of Lefkada

Provincial Marriage 

When: Saturday 30 and Monday 31 July
Where: Karya village
Time: 18.00

More: Stage Representation & Provincial Marriage
Matchmaking, Washing of the Wool, Bread Leavening, Trousseau Pinning and Marriage ceremony, Loading of Mattresses, Wedding Feast, Wedding Pies, Traditional Table Chants

Group Painting exhibition 
When painting meets poetry
When: 21 July – 31 July
Where: Theodoros Stamos Municipal Gallery (Address: Skiadaresi 1 str, 31100 Lefkada, tel: +30 26450 21465)