4th Artventure Camp

ART is a pART of our HeART

Lefkada island – GR / Summer 2017

1st period Aug 21-27   /  2nd period Aug 28 – Sep 3

Music & Rhythm – Percussion – Body music – Dance – Singing – Yoga sessions – Drum Team building – Sailing – Hiking – Diving – Cooking– Art games and constructions – Photo contest

Four Years in a row

More than 60 attendees

More than 100 Hours of Master classes

with distinctive Instructors from Greece and abroad

A Musical, Interactive, Creative, Rhythmical … but most of all

a 7 day ARTventurous  Journey

4 days on the island + 3 days Sailing


The concept

The arts and education in nature, perfectly matched with outdoor activities. A combination that will help us to work as a team and get to know in depth the island, the people and the local traditions.
We will reinvent ourselves and our artistic nature; we will share ideas and knowledge and will create team projects … unusual projects.

A class on a beach, in a gorge, near a waterfall, in the courtyard of a church, on a mountain or on a sailing boat are some of the actions that the participants of the ARTVENTURE CAMP will experience.
On a three-day sailing trip called ‘Art Odyssey’ we will meet the Cyclops and Sirens and create unique and artistic projects based on the adventures of Odysseus and his companions.


Our invitation is addressed to those who wish to test their skills and exceed their potential.
It is a perfect chance for musicians, dancers, actors, artists and educators who desire to live a unique experience in charming Greek places and amazing locations, next to remarkable trainers from the global artistic community.
An alternative Camp, in an amazing location, such as Lefkada island, in the heart of the Mediterranean, with Music and Art in the foreground, with courses in unique parts of the island, in absolute contact with nature and the blue waters of the Ionian Sea, the flavors and the colors of summer.

The aim

The aim of this camp is to focus on the creative thinking, the interactive communication, the human relationships, and the personal development. All acts are “human-centered” and supported by professional musicians/instructors with many years of experience.
Through educational tools, outdoor activities and seminars, the participants will learn how to work in teams, respect the nature, become more creative, get to know the location, the people, and the local tradition and culture. They will discover and develop themselves through their five senses while experiencing how the groove meets harmony in a very Greek way.

Our Faculty

Pedro Consorte, Dance & Body Music

Thanos Daskalopoulos, Tap & Body Music

Argiro Deli, Yoga Instructor

Petros Kourtis, Percussionist


Sivota village, an amazing place of Lefkada

In the south-eastern tip of Lefkada are Sivota. This is a natural bay that allows yachts mooring.
Known to sailors for the safe anchorage provided in bad weather but also for its unparalleled natural beauty.
It’s one of the most picturesque harbours in the Ionian. Surrounded by green hills with olive groves and the sea to penetrate between them reminiscent of Scandinavian fjords, the village of Sivota rightly characterized as a traditional settlement. Sivota during the day resemble a quiet little village. When the nightfall comes it raises the rhythm, as many sailboats and other vessels arriving in port. It is also famous for its seaside fish taverns of the great variety of seafood ready to satisfy the most delicate palates.

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