Fantastic Worlds: A Unique Exhibition Of Sacred Art In Lefkada

Images of birds whose tails become trees, magical doorways superimposed on multi-dimensional landscapes, abstract patterns and spirals describing Gaia’s fall, an enigmatic face stares defiantly at you, daring you to stare back. This is the sacred art of local artist Lucy Jordan whose solo exhibition opens Saturday 8pm November 12th till 26th November 2016 in the Theodoros Stamos exhibition hall Lefkada town.

Lucy Jordan is originally a stained glass artist from the UK who now lives and paints in Lefkada. Her work is in private collections throughout Europe. She is an ‘intuitive painter’ or ‘process painter’ which means that she allows the painting to guide her, “I never know what is going to happen until the final layers, it’s always a surprise to see what emerges. It’s like opening a gift with many layers of pretty wrapping paper”

Lucy works mainly in acrylics because they dry quickly which enable her to work on several
canvases at once applying multiple layers in a single day. In this way she avoids ‘overthinking’ a painting allowing intuition to guide her hand.

“Mother nature is my faithful muse. I am, daily, in awe of her designs and colours, and Lefkada is a glorious jewel in her crown. From the sparkling turquoise waters to the silvery greens of the olive trees and the bizarre abstract seed heads of the lush vegetation. I am often to be found just looking at the flowers or landscape for hours. I am communicating; recording these unspoken conversations which will usually later re-emerge in a painting as a visual and energetic message of healing love from Gaia to the viewer”

To see her paintings is to be transported to a world of beauty and sacredness. In these troubled times what is there not to like? Come, spend some time in the invisible worlds made visible.

Visiting times; 10am – 2pm and 6.30pm – 8.30pm, Monday – Saturday.
Opening 8pm 12th November 2016
Theodoros Stamos Exhibition Hall, Lefkada

Lucy can be contacted at