Watch John Malkovich’s Impersonations of David Lynch Characters, Including the Log Lady

By Moze Halperin

Throughout the week, the (exceedingly attractive) website will release videos in which John Malkovich plays David Lynch characters — and David Lynch himself, amounting to a short film project called “Psychogenic Fugue.”

Whatever kind of Lynch enthusiast you may be, your desires will likely be met across these clips, as he’s playing two characters from Twin Peaks (Dale Cooper and, more excitingly in my opinion, the Log Lady), two characters from Eraserhead (Henry Spencer and the Lady in the Radiator), Lost Highway’s horrifying Mystery Man, Blue Velvet’s also-horrifying Frank Booth, The Elephant Man‘s John Merrick, and David Lynch. (Sorely missing, however, are any Mulholland Drive characters; less sorely missing are any Dune characters.)

The project, which was directed by Sandro and produced by Squarespace, will be released in parts — thus far, the Dale Cooper segment can be watched in full on the website. Meanwhile, there’s also an accompanying album — The Music of David Lynch — which compiles the music that scores the clips, and is available to download (for $5+).

The funds will go to the David Lynch Foundation, which teaches transcendental meditation to people who suffer from trauma. They enlisted some pretty impressive people to contribute new music to this: Angelo Badalamenti (who composed the score for the original Twin Peaks, and is returning for the new 2017 season) contributed to the Dale Cooper segment, while Lykke Li, Zola Jesus, Sky Ferreira, and Wayne Coyne also have music appearing throughout the series of clips. The project was, according to what Sandro told the Wall Street Journal, the result of Malkovich wanting to do a benefit concert for the David Lynch Foundation, and Lynch ultimately proposing a collaboration with Squarespace.

Watch the trailer for all the clips:

Head to Playing Lynch to see Malkovich in his full Dale Cooper scene.